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5A - EMA
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This is an informational page for Field Day 2009.  Please visit the links below.


NS1RA  = 13,652 Points
#1 in EMA out of 27
#1 in 5A EMA out of 1 We were the only EMA 5A!
#2 in 5A Category out of 67
#4 in New England out of 140
#17 Overall in All out of 2612

Thanks to all that helped make it happen!!!



*More Pictures coming soon and will be posted once received.  If you have pictures and would like them here, please e-mail KB1KQW or KA1NCF to make arrangements for us to pick up the originals.

Raw Data - (as of 8/2/09)

Posted below is the raw data from Field Day 2009.  Please note that the scores and logs are still being compiled, so this data should be considered unofficial and may change before submission to the ARRL. 

How to Read:  The operating "Band" or frequencies are on the left.  CW is Morse Code, SSB is Voice (on Single Sideband), and DIG is a digital contact.  QSO stands for contact.  For example, we made 355 contacts on 80-Meter Morse Code.  Each voice contact is one point, each Morse Code and digital contact is two points.


  Phone CW GOTA Total
160 M        
80 M 129 201   330
40 M 345 746   1091
20 M 993 513   1506
15 M 2 346   348
10 M 126 80   206
6 M 55 12   67
Total QSOs: 1650 1898 335 3883
QSO Points: 1650 3796 335 5781*

Power Multiplication Factor:

X2 11562*

*QSO Points are before bonus points are added and NOT our official score.  Unofficial Data.

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NS1RA- 9/15/09