North Shore Radio Association's FOR SALE Page. At the bottom of this page are instructions on how to get your own item for sale. Please include you Email address and/or Phone number. 

Instructions for this page:

Do to SPAM / Web bot Problems we have been forced to remove the Add a For Sale Item Form that would place an item on this page automatically.

To place an item for sale on this page please send an email

To:       forsale at nsradio dot org  (mail link removed to prevent Spam)
Subject: For Sale Item

With the following information:
Name:                                        Callsign:
Phone:                                        Email:
Item / Items for sale and asking price

One of the webmasters will then put you add on the page as soon as we can..  Sorry for any delay, but this is the only way we can fix the problem… 

To remove an item just send a note to the above email address and a webmaster will take care of it for you.

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