Bylaws of the North Shore Radio Association, Inc.


To promote amateur radio activities through the use of repeaters operating at frequencies and modes as deemed appropriate for the good of the membership.

To encourage participation in the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), the Civil Defense organizations and any other non-profit services where quality communications will result in benefits to the community and amateur radio.

To promote friendship, good will, and cooperation between all users of the Amateur Radio Service.

To encourage and assist non-amateurs to become licensed Amateur Radio Operators, by conducting code and theory classes.

To sponsor any endeavor or engage in any other non-profit purpose for and in behalf of the membership, which is consistent with the provisions of Internal Revenue Code, Section 501 (c) (7), and pertinent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations.

Article I - Membership

Membership in the Association shall be open to all licensed amateur radio operators, and to all other persons interested in the promotion of Amateur Radio.

  1. Membership Types: Membership can be achieved three ways (added 12/96)

A. Full Member
B. Student Member: any one under the age of 23 and attending school full time.
C. Associate Member: (family member) must live in the same household as a full member

Article II - Dues

  1. Dues shall be payable in full on an annual basis (pro-rated for new members) in an amount decided by a majority vote of the membership present and voting at the Special business meeting
  2. A $5.00 initiation fee will be required of all new members, and any former member whose dues are in arrears for one year or more.
  3. Each member shall be issued a membership card on payment of dues as proof of membership.

Article III - Government

Officers: The officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

  1. Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the Association. It shall consist of the Officers of the Association, a member at large, the most immediate past president available to serve and the trustee(s) of each repeater or club station. It shall take such action as necessary to assure that the association is operated in the best interests of all the members.
    It is specifically authorized to acquire or dispose of all capital equipment of the association in accordance with Article IX paragraph 3.
  2. President: The President shall be responsible for the following: Preside at all meetings of the Association. Have general supervision of the affairs of the Association. Sign all contracts and other legal instruments of the Association.
  3. Vice President: The Vice President shall assume all duties of the President in his absence or incapacity. He shall have full power and authority to execute on behalf of the association all contracts, and other instruments in the absence or incapacity of the President. The Vice President shall also serve as the Board of Directors contact to the Program Committee.
  4. Secretary: The Secretary shall perform all recording duties as required for the operation of the Association, have charge of the Association minutes, sign all such instruments as require his signature, and shall make such reports and perform such duties as are incident to his office. He shall keep minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Association.
  5. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds and securities of the Association and deposit same in the name of the Association in a bank. He or the President, shall sign all checks, and shall sign all other instruments as require his signature, and shall make such reports, and perform such other duties as are incident to his office. He shall prepare the annual budget for presentation at the May meeting. He shall be responsible for the collecting of dues and all other moneys due the Association. He shall make no disbursement of funds without proper authorization. He shall keep a complete record of the Association's financial condition and accounting of all Association money. The Treasurer shall submit to the Association a monthly report. The annual report shall be submitted in writing. An audit of the Treasurer's account will be done at the end of each fiscal year by an audit committee, appointed by the Directors of the Association.
  6. Trustee: The Board of Directors shall appoint and remove Trustee(s) as necessary to assure that all repeaters and/or club stations are operated in compliance with FCC regulations and in a manner that brings credit to the Association. Each Trustee shall appoint such Control Operators as needed to assure that the station is be operated properly. The Control Operators will serve at the pleasure of the Trustee.

Article IV - Elections

  1. Annual Election: The Officers and Directors of the Association will be elected by the membership at the annual election meeting to be held prior to September 1.
  2. Nominating Committee: The nominating committee will consist of the Member at Large representative from the Board of Directors, non-voting; and three additional voting members appointed by the President prior to the February meeting. The nominating Committee shall present a slate of candidates for the available offices at the March meeting. Wherever possible multiple candidates shall be proposed for each position.
  3. Eligibility: Each candidate must have been a member in good standing for at least, the twelve months immediately preceding the election. Only Amateurs licensed by the FCC are eligible for elective office. The appointed members of the nominating committee will not be eligible to run for office in the current election.
  4. Nominations From the Floor: Nominations shall be taken from the floor in addition to any nominations proposed by the nominating committee at the March meeting. Upon receipt of all nominations, they shall be closed so that ballots can be printed for absentee voting.
  5. Procedure: The President shall be elected first, followed by the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and then the elected Director.
  6. Required Votes: The candidate with the greatest vote, inclusive of absentee ballots, shall be deemed elected for any office.
  7. Vacancies: The resignation of an Officer or Director shall be effective when received in writing by another Officer. Vacancy of an Officer or Director shall be filled by vote of the membership, the Officer or Director so elected serving the unexpired term of his predecessor.
  8. Absentee Voting: Absentee ballots will be allowed only upon written request to the Secretary, with good and sufficient reason; i.e., illness, incapacitation, or extensive travel.

Article V - Meetings

  1. Quorum: A Quorum present is necessary to conduct meetings.
  2. Regular Business Quorum: The active members present at any regular meeting shall constitute a quorum provided that at least two Officers are in attendance and that all active members have received specific advance notice in the case of a special meeting.
  3. Special Business Quorum: In matters concerning dues, levying special assessments, expulsion of a member, disbursement of funds in excess of a total amount of $100, (which is not authorized in the current budget) or where the Association may be formally obligated in excess of a like amount, a majority of the active members present, including at least two Officers, will constitute a quorum.
  4. Majority: A majority affirmative vote of active members present and voting at a meeting rules, except where otherwise indicated.
  5. Time and Place: Meetings shall be held at such times that a majority of the active membership can be present.
  6. Notifications: Notification of time, place, and purpose of all meetings shall be conveyed by the Association Secretary to all active members, and at least five days before a special meeting. Unless otherwise stated, this requirement may be met by use of the regular bulletin net.
  7. Special Meetings: Meetings shall be called by the Secretary upon written request of four active members.
  8. Parliamentary Authority: Robert's Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary guide of the Association on all points not provided for in these Bylaws. A copy of Robert's Rules of Order shall be available at each meeting.
  9. Meeting Duration: Business meetings of the Association shall last no longer than two hours, unless extended by a three fourths vote of those present and voting.

Article VI - Committees

The Board of Directors shall appoint a chairperson and members to the Association's Standing Committee prior to the September meeting of each year.

1. Standing Committees

Technical Committee: This committee to be responsible for the installation and maintenance of all Association owned equipment. In addition, the committee also has the responsibility to conduct an annual audit of all Association owned equipment prior to the December meeting of each year.

Education Committee: This committee is responsible for planning and implementation of all educational programs conducted by the Association. The educational program is to include, but not limited to theory, practice and code classes necessary to achieve FCC licensing.
Scholarship Committee: This committee is responsible for determine the selection criteria of candidates, scholarships, announcements, the selection of the winners and the awarding of all Association scholarships.

Program Committee: This committee is responsible for planning and scheduling all Association events, excluding education events, i.e., speakers, field day, dinner meetings, flea markets, etc. The Vice President of the Association will be a Board of Directors contact member to this committee.

2. Ad Hoc Committees

The President shall appoint such committees as may be needed and the committees shall make a final report at the April election meeting.

Article VII - Suspension and Expulsion

Individual membership may be revoked or suspended by the Association for cause, pursuant to a three-quarters vote of the Directors at a meeting at which the member shall have the right to be present. The member shall have the right to appeal any decision of the board to the full membership at the next regular meeting. Notification requirements may be waived by the member. A majority vote of those present and voting will be sufficient to support or overrule the board action.

Article VIII - Removal from Office

Any member holding an elective office may be removed by the vote of two-thirds of those present and voting at any meeting for which written notice was mailed to the membership at least 10 days prior to the meeting. The notice shall state the intent of the meeting, but not the reasons for removal.

Article IX - General

  1. The fiscal and business year shall run from September 1 until August 30, the following year.
  2. The membership year shall run from October 1 until September 30 of the following year.
  3. All capital transactions of the Association in excess of one hundred ($100.00) dollars must first be authorized by a majority of those present and voting at a regular meeting, or at a special meeting for which the item was specified as part of the agenda. Authorization is normally obtained by approval of the annual budget, in which the item is specifically covered or otherwise contained in a line item. Any equipment that is transferred to a member of the Board of Directors, must be approved by the membership at the next regular meeting.
  4. The Bylaws of the Association may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present and voting at a meeting which has been especially called for such purpose. Written notice of such meeting must be given all members at least thirty (30) days in advance, and such notice shall contain the substance of the proposed Bylaw changes.
  5. In the event of dissolution of the Association, the assets and equipment will be donated to the American Radio Relay League in Newington, Connecticut, a non-profit organization for the advancement of Amateur Radio or any other non-profit organization for the advancement of Amateur Radio.
  6. No officer, director, or member of this Association shall contract for or incur any debt or enter into any agreement or otherwise obligate this Association except by prior authorization of the membership. An approved annual budget shall be construed as proper authorization.
  7. No action shall be taken by the Association which is discriminatory in nature due solely to reasons of sex, race, or national origin.
  8. The Board of Directors shall establish rules to assure the effective operation of the Association for the benefit of its members. These rules shall be subject to review by the membership.

Administrative Rules:

  1. Application for membership shall be made on an approved form, and presented to the Treasurer accompanied by payment of dues equal to one-quarter the annual dues times the number of quarters remaining in the business year (rounded up to the next dollar). The number of quarters remaining shall include the quarter in which the application is submitted.
  2. At all meetings the order of business shall be as follows:
    Roll call of active members present
    Reading and approval of minutes
    Report of Treasurer
    Introduction of new members
    Committee reports
    Old business
    New business
  3. All new members, and all old members whose dues are one year or more in arrears, must submit an application, initiation fee and dues. A membership card will be issued.

Except as is provided herein, membership in the Association shall confer no rights to an individual to continue as a member beyond the term of his present membership. Membership shall exist or continue to exist only upon full payment of dues. Only full paid members shall be considered part of the membership with the specified rights of members.

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