NSRA Repeater Trouble Report Form

Do you think you experienced a problem with an NSRA repeater? Did you hear something on the air contrary to FCC rules that you think we should look in to? Please take a moment to let the Technical Committee and Control Operators know by supplying a little bit of information about what you heard or experienced and when.

1. What is your callsign?

2. What repeater did you encounter trouble on?

3. What time and date did this occur?

4. What Stations were involved (if any)?

5. Please briefly describe what occurred. Please be as specific as possible, the better you describe what happened, the better we are able to fix it.

6. Finally, please give us any additional information that would help resolve the discovered problem

7. Please click to send us your report or click to start over.

Thank you for taking the time to report what you heard over the NS1RA Repeater Network. Please e-mail tech at nsradio dot org (link removed to prevent spam) if you would like to follow up with us regarding this trouble report.

rev. 4/05/08 by KB1KQW, KA1NCF, and NS1RA