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Eric Horwitz KA1NCF

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Rowe Austin N1GIE

Ron Prendergast KD1ZR

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Herb Ryan W1KVQ

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Keith Triplett N1HLK

Eric Horwitz KA1NCF

A New Year is upon us…

Now that the holidays have come and gone, it's time to catch up with our members. For those of you who haven't noticed, the 145.470 repeater has had a major overhaul. The receiver has been tuned up and is reported to have its old coverage back again-from Walpole, MA, to Nashua, NH. Try it out and see what you think. I think you will be impressed. Thanks to member Thad Licthfield (K1AFS) and all the others who helped to repair the repeater! The Tech Committee is now working on the functions-watch the Committee's report for updates as they occur.

Our expanded coverage onto the Internet ( has been a great success. It has so far seen over a thousand hits, and our classified section is seen across the US. Thanks to Keith Triplett (N1HLK) it is updated frequently.

In the months to come we have planned several speakers for our meetings including the director of New Hampshire Public TV and the ARRL ARES Eastern Massachusetts emergency coordinator. Later this year our own Keith Triplett will speak at a meeting on our own repeater functions. Hope to see you at the January meeting.

Eric Horwitz

Results from the Special Vote last November

1997/ 98 Renewals: Full = $15 + $5 (one time assessment)
Student = $5
Associate = $1
1998/99 Members dues are: Full = $20
Student = $5
Associate = $5
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Lou Harris


From the Tech Committee

Well let me start of with telling you the changes. On the 145.47 repeater as mention above, the receiver hears so well that other noise seems to get into the repeater. So we have to activate the PL. The tone is 136.5 (encode only). And for all those radios out there that can not do PL, the users can Touch-Tone "11" to turn the PL mode off. If you use this option, please remember to return the repeater back to PL mode by Touch-Tone "10". This is an open code for all, feel free to pass it out over the air. The above codes and PL tone is the same for the 442.800 MHz repeater.

It seems that the 146.88 repeater still has the winter blues. When it is cold outside the transmitter drops in power when cold. But give it about a minute to warm up and it works fine. Last spring the Tech crew changes everything that outside, so next to test the inside items when this warm spell is over.

There is a lot of changes to the repeater controllers will happen this month. All the AutoDial numbers have to change to the new area codes. To do this we have to make the controllers work with the new area codes format as well. The controllers were make in the 80's when all area codes had a 0 or a 1 as the middle digit. We hope to have all the bugs out by February first.

We keep a page of all the happenings to the repeaters on the web site. This page is a list of all changes and known problems with the repeaters.

Hope we all have a good year….

Keith Triplett, N1HLK

For Sale

From the Membership Corner

By: Eric Horwitz, KA1NCF

Renewals are going well and it's nice to see you are all still supporting the club. PLEASE NOTE: If the year on the label on this Newsletter has a 1997 in the upper right hand corner, your membership has EXPIRED!! I hope you will take the time to drop your renewal from and check in the mail and continue your support. If you have any questions please feel free to call me or make a note on your renewal slip and I will be glad to call you