North Shore Radio Association - Newsletter - Janurary '99' Edition


Presidents Corner
Eric Horwitz KA1NCF
Hello again.

In case you haven’t heard, the club has had a great year. We had a very busy summer filled with community public service events.  Almost every weekend from June to September found our members at a race, a parade, or a bike ride.  Field Day was another successful happening, and all who attended enjoyed it.  I personally would like to thank everyone who came forward and gave their time to help out on these events.  Special thanks go to Mark Caron, N1UGM, and Ron Prendergast, KD1ZR, for their hard work as board members during the last year.

There are a number of committee slots that need to be filled for the year ahead. If you’d like to get involved, please let me know of your interest, and I’ll be happy to find a spot for you!

Vice President
Al Prudhomme Jr. W1DUW

Tony Penta W1ABC
Rowe Austin N1GIE
Herb Ryan W1KVQ
Guest Speakers For the Upcoming Year
By: Al Prudhomme Jr, W1DUW

The speakers’ committee is always grateful for good turnouts, and we are planning another great season. Let’s hope the weather will cooperate.

Here is the schedule. Please mark your calendar.

Jan 11 - Presentation by Paul Young and Charlotte Richardson of their exotic trip to Malaysia and Saychelles Islands
Feb 8 - Salvation Army Presentation
March 8 - Commercial Broadcast Night
Also in March we are working on a Field Trip to Smart Routes.. Watch for date and time.
April 12 - Technical discussion by Bell Atlantic cell telephone technicians on the in and outs of 2-way communication
May : Back By popular demand - Rick Palm of the ARRL on the latest  Licensing Proposals.

VE Coordinator
Paul Morin AA1BR
Trustee &
Technical Chairman
Keith Triplett N1HLK
Eric Horwitz KA1NCF
Repeater Info
Repeater Notes:
Recently the 145.47 repeater has gotten noisy since a new antenna was put on this fall. This has cause us to put the PL on from time to time (listen to the ID to see if PL is needed) until we can find the source of the noise. The PL is 136.5 (encode only) and for those radios out there that cannot do PL, the users can touch-tone "11" to turn the PL mode off. If you use this option, please remember to return the repeater back to PL mode after you have completed your QSO by touch-tone "10". This is an open code do feel free to pass it over the air. The above PL and codes also work on the 442.800 MHz repeater.
Job Openings at the NSRA
As always, the North Shore Radio Association needs your help. Here are a few of the things that you can do for the club.

Interference Committee: Help us find the problem on Sunday Night's net. Contact KA1NCF

Scholarship Committee: Help administer the scholarship awards program. Contact KA1NCF

Public Service: Starting in April, the NSRA will be handling a series of community events and we’ll help other clubs do the same. Contact Keith, N1HLK.

Instructor: Teachers needed to organize classes for the advancement of our hobby. Contact KA1NCF

By-laws Committee: Help us review the bylaws and make proposals for necessary revisions. Contact KA1NCF

Web Page Designer: Help is always welcome with the Web site. Have an idea? Send it off to the

Writers/Editors: Please, please, apply for this jobs! If you have good writing skills, we need you. Send email message to

Membership Corner
By: Eric Horwitz, KA1NCF

Renewals are comming in almost daily and it’s great to see everyone supporting the club.

Please Note: If the year on the label on this newsletter has a '1998' in the upper right hand corner, your membership has EXPIRED and I hope you’ll take the time to drop your renewal form and check in the mail. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or make a note on your renewal slip and I will be glad to call you.

On The High School Front
This year our Salem and Danvers High school program’s are going well. I hear the Salem site has 3 students and the Danvers site has 14.

Joe, KA1EXZ and Phil, W1UCF do need some help in the afternoons to help our newest hobbie growers.

If you want to help please call Joe, KA1EXZ, Phil, W1UCF or Eric, KA1NCF.