North Shore Radio Association


Second Winter Edition, March 2002
Editor Eric Horwitz, KA1NCF
Mailing address: PO Box 3724
Peabody, MA 01961-3724

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Over 25 Years of Amateur Radio Service On the North Shore


Al Prudhomme Jr.

Vice President
Eric Horwitz

TEMP-Eric Horwitz

Rowe Austin

Herb Ryan

Lou Harris

Eric Horwitz

Presidents Corner

I was listening last Sunday to the ARRL newsletter on the ever popular NSRA Sunday Night Net. One thing got my attention and stood out, to me, about the ARRL and FCC VEC exam irregularity in Georgia. This reminded me of the many problems that can come up when trust is broken, and the black eye to a club or individual ham operators when exams are not given properly. The NSRA is very fortunate to have fine VE exams sessions from the very start of this program with the fine help of Neil AA1OA, Herb W1KVQ, Joe K1EXZ, Rick, NG1L and the others who also help from time to time, at VE Sessions the club holds nearly every month. The February meeting held every ones attention as Bob Fouracre, marketing expert and Sports broadcaster for WTAG Worcester, Ma. was our guest speaker. Especially interesting was some of his experiences with his long time associate, Bob Cousy, the NBA basketball legend and Boston Celtics Star. Bob Cousy was, for many years Fouracre's color man, for Holy Cross and Assumption College basketball games, which are very popular in Central Mass. Along with Bob Fouracre's many light comments and jokes he had us all laughing and enjoying the meeting . Many thanks for the great turnout for the dinner preceding the meeting at, Sylvan Street Grill. It is a nice start to our meeting and our guests always enjoy this also. Coming up are two fine meetings for March and April and a Field trip to Channel 11 in Durham, N.H. Stay tuned all this info will be discussed at the meeting and on the net. Eric, KA1NCF has public service opportunities coming up and the Boston Marathon needs ham radio operators to help. See you at the March 11th and April meetings when all details will be discussed and your questions answered, Don't forget the Net on 145.47 Sunday Night at 8:30 pm.

73's to all

Al Prudhomme, Jr. W1DUW

Meeting Schedule 2001

March 11, 2002 - General Meeting - Tom Kinahan, N1CPE - State RACES Officer
& Terry Stader, KA8SCP - MEMA Region 1 Comm. Officer
April 1, 2002 - Board Meeting
April 8, 2002 - General Meeting - Mermaid Productions
May 6, 2002 - Board Meeting
May 13, 2002 - General Meeting

NSRA VE EXAMS …….. will be held on the 4th Saturday of the month at the At the NEW Danvers Central fire Station on High Street, Danvers. (park across street) NEIL E HENDEN, AA1OA heads up our VE Exam Session. All those interested in upgrading or know someone who wants to enter the hobby, please pass the word around.

Public Service Well it is that time again... The Public Service events are starting to come in for the year... So if you want to help out with then start to listen and watch the web site for updates.. Click here to see the ever going List

Field Day 2002: It is almost here watch for details soon....

NSRA Repeaters

All the following repeaters have the new club call sign of   N S 1 R A
145.470- Danvers, (Part-time PL of 136.5), full functions including phone patch
146.880- Salem, (PL of 118.8), full functions including phone patch
224.380- Danvers
442.800+ Danvers, (PL of 136.5), full functions including phone patch

All CTCSS tones on repeaters have the option to be turn off if needed. Dial “11” to turn off so that a non PL user can use the repeater, Please remember to turn PL back on with the code of “10”


For online application go to:

Thanks, Eric, KA1NCF

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