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Spring Edition, April 2002
Editor Eric Horwitz, KA1NCF
Mailing address: PO Box 3724
Peabody, MA 01961-3724

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Over 25 Years of Amateur Radio Service On the North Shore


Al Prudhomme Jr.

Vice President
Eric Horwitz

TEMP-Eric Horwitz

Rowe Austin

Herb Ryan

Lou Harris

Eric Horwitz

Presidents Corner

About that new radio you have all full of surface mount microprocessor technology! Study the block diagram page, get familiar and know what each block does. Next carefully check the voltage readings at the test points to see if they are correct according to the diagram, be careful and go slow, make sure you have a full set of schematics, and best if you have some technical experience. Sound advice from our April meeting speaker Jacques Petrie owner of Groton Electronics in Franklin,Ma. He is a highly respected, certified repair technician for both Icom and Kenwood service. Jacques went over his interesting background, which included several years as the field engineer for Motorola radio products in North western Africa.
Coming up we look forward to the April 20 field trip to Channel 11 New Hampshire Public Television, in Durham, N.H. where we will meet the engineering manager for N.H. Public Television, Brian Sheppard, and later a luncheon in an area restaurant. This will begin, when we meet at the parking lot of Sylvan Street Grill at 9:A.M. on April 20th. We all look forward to a great field trip , where we will see both analog and digital television technology shown and discussed.
May meeting is one you won't want to miss The Nominating Committee will firm up the ballot for our June election for all of the club officers. Be sure to come and support the club and your choice for candidates. We will then be treated to Mermaid Productions splendid , high quality slide show, Yes Paul and Charlotte will entertain with one of the NSRA most popular meetings.
Keep field day in mind on June 22,and 23rd. its fast approaching, and in true style the NSRA field day just gets better each year, Come help and enjoy.
Thanks to all members who volunteered to serve on the Scholarship and Nominating committees.

73's to all

Al Prudhomme, Jr. W1DUW

Events Schedule 2002

April 20, 2002 9:00 am - Field Trip to NH Channel 11
April 29, 2002 1:00 pm - Public Service - Ring Around the Neck, Marblehead
May 6, 2002 - Board Meeting
May 13, 2002 - General Meeting - Mermaid Productions
June 3, 2002 - Board Meeting
June 10, 2002 - General Meeting - Elections & Field Day Talk

NSRA Board Nominations …If you would like to run for any Board positions please contact one of the Committee members: Lou, N1UEC, Andy, N1OQX, Herb, W1KVQ, or Rick, NG1L They will be bringing the Nominations to the floor at the May meeting. .

NSRA Scholarships
Do you know a graduating High School Student that could use a little money. Well it is that time again, it is scholarship time. So by the May meeting get a letter from the student telling us what they want to do in life as well as a letter from their Guidance consular at school saying that they are a graduating senior. Bring it to the May meeting or send it to the club PO Box.
Background Info.
There are two purposes of these awards.
First is to honor and encourage a student who has demonstrated positive attitudes in social and academic areas of endeavor. Second is to present the hobby of amateur radio before the public as one witch encourages excellence in school and community on the part of young people.
We present two awards of 100 dolors each.
Committee Members are: Lou, N1UEC, Herb, W1KVQ, Ed, W1FBI

NSRA VE EXAMS …….. will be held on the 4th Saturday of the month at the NEW Danvers Central fire Station on High Street in Danvers. (park across street) NEIL E HENDEN, AA1OA heads up our VE Exam Session. All those interested in upgrading or know someone who wants to enter the hobby, please pass the word around.

Public Service Well it is that time again... The Public Service events are starting to come in for the year... So if you want to help out with then start to listen and watch the web site for updates.. Click here to see the ever growing List

Field Day 2002: See Field Day page for Details and RSVP Form

NSRA Repeaters

All the following repeaters have the new club call sign of   N S 1 R A
145.470- Danvers, (Part-time PL of 136.5), full functions including phone patch
146.880- Salem, (PL of 118.8), full functions including phone patch
224.380- Danvers
442.800+ Danvers, (PL of 136.5), full functions including phone patch

All CTCSS tones on repeaters have the option to be turn off if needed. Dial “11” to turn off so that a non PL user can use the repeater, Please remember to turn PL back on with the code of “10”


For online application go to: Click Here for our online Form

Thanks, Eric, KA1NCF

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