North Shore Radio Association - Newsletter - Spring Edition

Presidents Corner

Hello again. Sorry for the delay in getting out the Newsletter. I have had some other obligations that came before my volunteer work.

Next month we also have a special speaker, our own Jim Morris, K1UGM, who will be speaking on who really invented Ham Radio. I have heard it is a great talk and even includes some examples of the equipment used in the "old days."

Spring is HERE!!! And so are the Community service EVENTS!!!! See this newsletter for more information and dates. We are also going to try some new things that I hope will bring more of you out to join in the FUN! We have a field trip planned for April 18 to visit with Bob Ross, of New Hampshire Public Television Director. He was our January Speaker and when asked at the end of the meeting if anyone wanted to take a field trip we got a good response. I hope we can get some of you to come. We plan to do breakfast on the way and then take a tour. Please contact me at 978-525-3936 if you want to attend. Car poles will be leaving around 9:00 a.m. from Danvers.

Eric Horwitz, KA1NCF

This letter is being sent by mail to all. The Email version was sent, but the cost of First class postage was still to high vs. the bulk rate on the quantity of newsletter still on the U. S. Postage list.

Field day is June 27-28, 1998 mark your calendars now. It is always a good time for all! You can help set up, operate, break down, or just come and enjoy the weekend. If you want to join the campers for the night, bring tent and join in the fun. This year we should have a lot of observers on Sunday since "Danvers Days" will also take place at the park. We could see up to 4,000 people on Sunday, so if you are not busy come on down and help explain what we're doing.

This Summer Schedule

Ice Cream Socials on Thursdays at 7:30 PM, at Richardson's Ice Cream on Rte 114 West. The club picnic in the July and Chinese Dinner in August. I am open to any other activities you want so please let me know what you want and we can try it! Remember, this our club and we have to keep it fun and enjoyable for all, so if I didn't mention any activities you like give me one of yours. I am always available so just give me a call and we can talk.

Public Service

As you can see, this list keeps growing every year. All we do for these events is to supply safety communications, we are out there for the safety of the participates and spectators.

These events is good training for all. This year on the bike tours we would like to try using APRS and packet at a few stations. Requirements: At lease a HT or a mobile with 2 Meters. Enjoy being outdoors. Meeting people. Having a good feeling that you have helped. Contact Keith Triplett, N1HLK on the repeaters, by phone 781.631.2262, or Email n1hlk at nsradio dot org

Special Olympics - Saturday, May 9th

Once again the Essex Area manager of the Massachusetts Special Olympics is asking for our help. This years event will be at the St. John's Prep School. The times are about 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. We don't really do radios at this event but to give a really needed helping hand. It is fun for all.

Ring Around the Neck - Sunday, May 10, 1998

This is a 6K Running race in Marblehead for the Marblehead/Swampscott YMCA

Race starts at 11:00 and over by 15:00.

50 Mile Ultra Marathon - Sunday, May 24th.

Last year the start line was in Rowly and the finish in Lawrence. This race is a running race through the woods. This year's course will have Start and Finish lines at the same location in Boxford. This will make much easier on us than being stretch out over a 50 mile line. Some haft day positions available.

BSA's Surfside Century Tour - Saturday, May 30th.

The 1st year for this. This is a mufti-course bike tour, 100, 50, and 25 Mile courses starting from Beverly and through out the North Shore and into southern NH. We estimated at least 15+ volunteers needed. (Packet and APRS possibilities)

TourDeCure - Sunday, May 31st.

A yearly event, Bike tour around Essex County for a good cause.

YMCA Duathalone - July 12th

This is fun. Starts in Beverly with a short run, hop on a bike and back to a run.

The Blackburn Challenge - July 18th

This is one of our favorite events. A rowing race around Cape Ann. Over 100 of kayaks, dory's, anything that rows. Most of the assignments is on the water. So if you like to be on a boat for a day, sign up for this event.

Cape Ann "Around the Cape" - September 7th.

Helping the CAARA, This year could be big. Maybe 1,500 runners or more.

Cycle for Life - September 12th

This bike tour was new last year. A 50 mile from Marblehead to Cape Ann and back.

As always, the North Shore Radio Association needs your help. Here are a few of the things that you can do for the club.

Employment Opp

Interference Committee: Help them find the problem on Sunday Night's net. Contact KA1NCF

Scholarship Committee: Help administer the scholarship awards program. Contact W1ABC

Public Service: Starting in April, the NSRA handles a series of community events and help other clubs do the same. Contact N1HLK

Instructor: Teachers needed to organize classes for the advancement of our hobby.

Bylaws Committee: Help us review the bylaws and make proposals for necessary revisions. Contact KA1NCF

Web Page Designer: Help is always welcome with the web site, especially now that we have added space. Have an idea? Send it off to the webmaster at nsradio dot org.

Writers/Editors: Please, please, apply for these jobs! If you have good writing skills, we need you. Send email message to news at nsradio dor org in any format (DOC, TXT, HTML, etc.).

Don't forget FIELD DAY at Enicott Park in Danvers - June 27 and 28th


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