North Shore Radio Association


Spring / Summer Edition, June 2001
Editor Tony Penta, W1ABC
Mailing address: PO Box 3724
Peabody, MA 01961-3724

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Over 25 Years of Amateur Radio Service On the North Shore


Al Prudhomme Jr.

Vice President
Andy Garrity

Lou Harris

Rowe Austin

Herb Ryan

Keith Triplett

Past President
Eric Horwitz

Election Ballot

The current slate of officers for the election to be held at the June 11, 2001 meeting are:

Position:                     Call sign               Name

President                     W1DUW         Al Prudhomme
                                    N1UGM           Mark Caron
*W1MCE           Dave Shrader

Vice President             KA1NCF          Eric Horwitz
*W1ZH              Dick Gagnon

Secretary                    N1GIE              Rowe Austin

Treasurer                    N1HLK             Keith Triplett

Director                       W1KVQ           Herb Ryan

Note:  * Removed from consideration by their own request.

Your Call sign: ____________ Name: ______________________________________

Absentee Reason:

Absentee Ballot Information:

If you are unable to attend the June meeting and you are a current paid member, you may return this PRINTED form with your choices circled, to the club PO box at:
North Shore Radio Association
PO Box 3724
Peabody, MA 01961-3724
Attn: Secretary, Election Ballot included.

All mailed entries must be received in the PO Box BEFORE 6/4/2001.  If you are unable to mail your entry, you may deliver it in sealed form to any current officer of the club BEFORE the June 4, 2001 board of directors meeting.
All absentee ballots MUST include you name, call sign, and the reason for which you cannot attend the regular meeting.  Only reasons acceptable to the Board of Directors as per the current bylaws will be accepted.

Lou Harris – N1UEC – Trustee Nomination Committee

Field Day 2001 – June 22 – 24, 2001

Well it’s that time of year again! Field Day is coming fast and there will, as always, be lots of fun. We will again be at Endicott Park in Danvers Mass, in the same field as the last 3 years. There is camping overnight, and GREAT food! For those of you new to the club and/or new licensees you don’t want to miss it! Field Day is part social event, part contest. If your new to ham radio it’s a chance to experience operating on bands or different modes that you may not have tried before. As well as a chance to see what contesting is like. Basically the weekend is a fun time for all.

For the newcomers here’s what happens, on Saturday morning we begin by gathering all the equipment that we have in storage at Keith’s N1HLK’s storage locker into Pete N1HGD’s Dad truck and bring it over to Endicott Park. We are usually there by 9:30 or 10:00. Although People show up earlier to checkout the field etc. around 8:30.  At that point we unload the truck and begin setup. That’s antennas, antenna support equipment, and tents for the operating positions. Once the tents are up the tables, chairs, radios and computers get setup. By 14:00 local time (18:00 UTC) we start transmitting! For the next 24 hours it’s non-stop and a whole lot of fun! In past years we have begun to break down early on Sunday, but if the bands are hopping we will stay up until the last second 13:59:59! Then we break down the gear and get the equipment back to storage. What we really need are people to help setup on Saturday morning, operators and loggers for the operating positions, and people to help us tear down on Sunday. Fresh legs and arms on Sunday are REALLY appreciated!

So please come and join us for all the fun at Field Day this year. The food will be great as usual. Al W1DUW always does a fantastic job in the food department!! And sometimes we even let Andy N1OQX cook!  We could use a couple more members to help with the cooking duty ! I will have a signup sheet at the June meeting, June 11th, to signup for helping setup, tear down, and operating. Any help at all is VERY appreciated.

Any questions please let me know.  I’m on both Danvers repeaters 145.470 and 442.800 (pl 136.5) and Salem 146.880 (pl 118.8), Salem especially at night. Or you can email me at n1ugm at nsradio dot org.

Thanks and I hope to see you at Field Day!

Mark N1UGM
NSRA Field Day Chairman

Newsletter Help !!!

This is my final edition as newsletter editor for the NSRA. If you would like to help out the club, please volunteer for this position. Contact any of the club officers at the board or a regular meeting. It has been fun working with the club on this project.   73  de W1ABC, Tony

NSRA VE EXAMS …….. are held on the 4th Saturday of the month at the At the NEW Danvers Central fire Station on High Street, Danvers. (park across street) NEIL E HENDEN, AA1OA heads up our VE Exam Session. All those interested in upgrading or know someone who wants to enter the hobby, please pass the word around.

Check out the new club call sign NS1RA

NSRA Repeaters

All the following repeaters have the new club call sign of   N S 1 R A
145.470- Danvers, (Part-time PL of 136.5), full functions including phone patch
146.880- Salem, (Part-time PL of 118.8), full functions including phone patch
224.380- Danvers
442.800+ Danvers, (PL of 136.5) full functions including phone patch

All CTCSS tones on repeaters have the option to be turn off if needed. Dial “11” to turn off so that a non PL user can use the repeater, Please remember to turn PL back on with the code of “10”

Latest list of your speed dial locations, if you have any questions please contact Eric, KA1NCF

W1ABC 093 K1AID 050 KB1BEG 127
KB1CSB 019 N1CSO 145 KA1DHC 112
K1EEA 165 WB1EHL 143 KA1EXZ 088
WB1F 105 KB1FLD 018 W1FLD 153
KE1FN 041 KD1FW 149 N1FWV 169
N1FXM 156 N1GFW 032 WB1HBU 147
N1HGD 131 N1HLK 113 N1HMT 054
K1HZP 164 N1IAS 038 N1IBS 154
N1IO 134 N1ITX 108 WA1KAT 025
AA1KI 044 W1KVQ 140 KA1LCR 119
W1LI 027 KA1LJ 058 W1LMJ 118
N1LRG 099 W1MCE 133 KX1N 104
KA1NCF 087 W1ND 152 N1NHW 136
AA1OA 026 W1OAY 086 KA1OME 059
N1OPF 035 N1OQX 102 N1OQY 060
N1OUF 033 N1PQG 061 WD1Q 103
WZ1Q 122 W1QQL 080 KA1RQN 174
WA1RRR 125 N1RZR 066 N1SBS 067
W1TTQ 094 W1UCF 028 N1UEC 029
N1UGM 030 N1ULH 127 AA1UZ 135
W1VRK 117 N1YJC 040 W1ZH 132
N1ZHI 023 KA1ZQL 126 W1ZQM 177
K2AJY 129 KD6TQY 115 K9MUT 065
K9PUG 109

From the Membership Committee. Renewal's have done great. We are also still getting a new member a month. I also have now got almost every one's email address so that we can send club info without costing the club postal costs. Thanks for giving us your email. If you don't know if we have it please send an email to ka1ncf at nsradio dot org and I will check for you.

For online application go to:

Thanks, Eric, KA1NCF

If you want to the printed version of this newsletter, follow this link to a PDF file.