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Winter Edition, December 2000
Editor Tony Penta, W1ABC

Mailing address: PO Box 3724
Peabody, MA 01961-3724

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Over 25 Years of Amateur Radio Service On the North Shore


Al Prudhomme Jr.

Vice President
Andy Garrity

Lou Harris

Rowe Austin

Herb Ryan

Keith Triplett

Past President
Eric Horwitz

President's Report

The year is off to a good start, It was a solid September eyeball qso meeting . October meeting was similar with a good turnout . In November the Silent Auction had a turnout of around fifty members, to enjoy the buys and along the way helped the club make a few dollars.

Your generosity is appreciated at the "club pays" coffee mess and each month a sufficient amount is left in the "can" to keep the coffee mess just about self-supporting.

Looking ahead our dinner meeting for December , spaghetti with all the fixings and salad prepared by Tony W1ABC. You know it will be great.

Thanks go to all who are working to make things happen. Joe KA1EXZ with the radio classes he has set up and teaches, and members who help him. Keith N1HLK for the technical committee and their work keeping the repeaters up, and Neil, AA1OA for the VE sessions, are examples, shaping up a great year for the NSRA. Many thanks to everyone for all the help.

Guest speakers are planned for January through May and the committee is at work contacting and planning for the speakers. An invitation for Mermaid Productions has been made for the January meeting and waiting to hear from them. At the monthly meeting and on the Sunday night net we will get the information out to you so please drop by.

Let me or any board member know any needs of members for the attention of the Benevolent committee, concerns can be directed to any board member or Deacon Dave, as the benevolent chairman. At the monthly meeting I will ask for any information you have of club interest or of any far off contact with strange sounding names, don't hesitate to let us know.

See you at the December meeting on Dec. 11th. Regards to all and 73's

December's Spaghetti Supper
Monday, December 11th 6:30PM

On December 11th the NSRA will hold our annual holiday Spaghetti Supper. Supper will be served at 6:30 PM and the cost is $5 per person, $3 for kids under 12. The menu includes a fresh garden salad, spaghetti with marinara sauce, meatballs, sausage-n-peppers, garlic bread and coffee. The desert will be pot luck. Donations of desserts would be greatly appreciated. If you are coming for dinner please RSVP leave a message include number attending with Eric, KA1NCF at 1-978-557-1111 ext.114.

For those not wishing to eat with us, the regular meeting will begin as usual at 8:00 PM. Following the regular business meeting will be the NSRA Yankee Swap. Bring a gift valued between $2 - $5 and we'll show you how we swap gifts in an unusual way.

Christmas at BV1US Taipei , Taiwan ROC Christmas Day 1960.

It was the height of the cold war and the Formosa Crisis was in full force , which had the mainline China making aggressive moves in the straights of Formosa.

It had been a cold ,dark and rainy December and Christmas day was no exception I was at the Army signal compound MARS station, It had a 90 foot telephone pole with a faulty three element beam ,which had to be repaired Frequently by yours truly. The transmitter was a real work horse a BC610 with plug in coils, and a Collins A1 receiver. That Christmas day I was comfortable and alone in the Dark damp room, although the corner , with all the tube gear on was somewhat warmer then the rest of the space. I was enjoying world wide DX calls on CW. When suddenly the door opened and a few Air Force offices came in from the rain , and into the MARS room.

They had a simple request-could I bring the station up on frequency which was monitored by the MARS station at Vandenberg AFB in Calif. They were members of a Air Force Crack training squadron for the then state of the art F100 fighter jet going to the modern Chinese Flying Tigers.

I would "try" I told them, time difference, band conditions on 14 mhz. Were concerns and posed formidable logistics problems. One by one these areas of concern were overcome surprisingly easy. A phone patch to the base by a ham in San Diego, Calif. Who I contacted on SSB on first call soon had the Vandenberg MARS station up on freq. Word got out fast and soon the dark damp room I was in, was full of Air Force officers and enlisted personnel. The Commander went first, then one by one, on a dreary holiday BV1US had become a warm and bright spot with lots of laughter and joy as most everyone had a chance to talk with loved ones ,across the Pacific in Calif. I thought then a I do now, what a hobby Ham Radio is. To top it all off one nice Air Force guy brought me a big turkey sandwich with all the fixings...on it


Odds and ends.......

The Danvers High Ham Radio Station is on the air again!
On Wednesday @2:00-3:00pm, Andy N1OQX & Phil W1UCF Run Radio Classes from the School.
We have 5 students and one teacher, so if you hear the kids on the air give them a call.

The SATV interview went great at Salem High. The interview with Dave - W1MCE and Michael - K1JE and the rest of the class was FB. They will add this video to our next field day and then will air the show sometime in July. This is a great for the NSRA. We will have exams before Christmas vacation....73...Joe Carty - KA1EXZ

Boston Amateur Radio will be holding a Tech. class. beginning in December go to  for more info.


Salem High News Joe Carty KA1EXZ

The NSRA ham radio classes at Salem High School are going well with 14 students. This is an 5 to 8 week course. Michael Joens K1JE and David Shrader W1MCE are teaching this class and doing a FB job. Thank you Michael and David ...

Also The ham radio station at Salem High operates every Wednesday Frank Leonard - N1GRB and Joe Carty - KA1EXZ You can find them on the 47 repeater or on HF. The HF station is on with a new antenna donated by David Shrader - W1MCE.

Also The Danvers high school will be on the air starting Wednesday afternoons from 13:30 till 15:00 hours. Andy Garrity - N1OQX and Phil Campbell - W1UCF will be teaching and operating the after school program.

Thanks Andy and Phil.

Last of all Andy Lapointe - WD1Q is teaching a Braille class at the senior center in Salem ( not ham radio ) I sat in on the class one Wednesday afternoon and found it very interesting and did learn a little Braille. Great job Andy.

Michael Joens - K1JE is also teaching a ham radio class at St Mary's school in Beverly His students run from grade 5 to 8th grade with some younger students 3 and 4th grade. One student is Michael daughter Anna Joens a six year old.

And very last I made it to the top with an EXTRA class license and I'm very happy to have made it and also a VE.

Joe Carty - KA1EXZ

Board position open.....

There will be a board position available come first of the year. Lou Harris, N1UEC will be stepping down from the Treasurer's position. This is due to family matters. Lou has helped the club immensely our the last few years and we commend him for making that long drive from Walpole. Please contact one of the board members if you are interested in becoming the club's treasurer. All records are up to-date and kept on Quicken.


From the Membership Committee. Renewal's have done great. We are also still getting a new member a month. I also have now got almost every one's email address so that we can send club info without costing the club postal costs. Thanks for giving us your email. If you don't know if we have it please send an email to and I will check for you.

For online application go to:

Thanks, Eric, KA1NCF

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