Floods of 2006 Information Page

This is an informational page from the Floods of 2006.  Please visit the links below.


*All Stations that were monitoring and participating in the net from May 13 through May 21 are strongly urged to send us feedback on the entire operation (just a few brief comments are all we need) before Sunday, June 4th.  We are going to use this feedback in a meeting to evaluate the operation and determine our needs going forward.  Please email us at ares at nsradio dot org (no link to prevent spam)


Flood Pictures from K1DAC
Flood Pictures from K1EEA
Flood Pictures from K9PUG
Flood Pictures from W1CPR
Flood Pictures from NX1Z
Flood Pictures from KB1KQW (Representative Sampling Only)

Miscellaneous Pictures sent to KB1KQW of Lawrence/North Andover (A "Must See")

NWS Statements (Adobe Acrobat Required)

Local Storm Report (Summary) from 5/18/06
Public Information Statement from 5/28/06

ARRL Links

Story #4 -- Posted 5/24/06 [Revised 5/25/06]
Story #3 -- Posted to ARRL Main Site 5/18/06 with no link
Story #2 -- Posted 5/17/06
Story #1 -- Posted 5/15/06

Eastern Massachusetts ARES Links


NSRA Links

E-Mails sent from KB1KQW to NSRA E-Mail List
(Updated 5/23) Please Read.........
Seeking Input and After Action Reports from ALL Stations...

KB1KQW - 5/28/06