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June 2, 2007 Severe Weather Damage Assessment Reports
with Pictures, Sound Files, and MORE!!!

Listen to an excerpt from our June 2nd Net here!  Its INTENSE!

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Local Storm Report Contains a summary of damage reports submitted by spotters.
Public Information Statement A Summary of snowfall totals, weather information, and more!
Hazardous Weather Outlook A 7-day weather hazards outlook with a spotter activation statement.
Area Forecast Discussion A technical forecast discussion of what the NWS Taunton Forecasters think about the upcoming weather.
Zone Forecasts Forecasts for your local area by zone.


Damage Pictures will be posted here as significant weather events warrant.  Have a picture of damage in your neighborhood?  Send it to pics at nsradio.org and we will add it to our collection.  Remember, pictures help the forecasters with verification!

2007 Pictures
June 2, 2007 Severe Weather Damage Assessment Pictures
March 16-17 Coastal Pictures (KB1KQW)
Peabody Flooding - 03-02-07 (KB1KQW)
Peabody Flooding - 03-02-07 (KB1MSR)
Peabody Flooding - 03-02-07 (KB1MRH)

2006 Pictures
Severe Weather Pictures -- 07-11-06
Floods of 2006 Informational page with Pictures-- 05-13-06
Rainbow pictures -- 04-01-06
Wind Damage Pictures -- 02-17-06
Coastal Flooding Pictures -- 02-01-06 (KX1KTY)
Coastal Flooding Pictures -- 01-31-06 (KB1KQW)
Coastal Flooding Pictures -- 01-31-06 (W1CPR)


CBS4 SKYWARN Feature from 07-12-06
CBS4 Skywarn Interview with Jim Palmer, KB1KQW 05-11-06 
CBS4 SKYWARN Feature from 04-27-06


July 11, 2006 - Severe Weather Outbreak

Severe Weather Pictures -- 07-11-06
Photos by KB1KQW, K1KLI, and K1DAC

Public Information Statement from NWS-Taunton -- 07-11-06
Contains in-depth assessment of Marblehead Damage Survey

CBS4 SKYWARN Feature from -- 07-12-06
Weather Experts Investigate Tornado Report in Marblehead

CBS4 SKYWARN Features Funnel Cloud Video -- 07-11-06
Credits Amateur Radio SKYWARN Spotter

Salem News Article:  Warnings came from
Local Spotters -- 07-12-06
Featuring Phil Knight - N1HWA

ARRL Write-up on Severe Weather -- 07-12-06


Presentation from the
7th Annual Southern New England Weather conference:

Amateur Radio's Role in the NWS Taunton SKYWARN Program
Video by KB1KQW and KB1MRH

Southern New England WX Conference Home Page


GO-KIT Information - from EMA ARES Web Site (Powerpoint)

The WX1BOX/National Weather Taunton
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