NSRA and CAARA Public Service Sign-Up

Here is the extensive Public Service Event List. We need help for!!!   Once you have provided us with the basic information below, we will contact you with further information as the events get closer and we start planning for each one.

1. What is your Name and Callsign?

2.  What is your E-Mail Address?

3. What is your T-Shirt Size?

4. What events would you like to volunteer for?
YUKANRUN - Fool's Dual - April 8th
Twin Lights - May TBD
Rocky Neck AA 5K - May 6th
YUKANRUN - Fast Half - May 12th
Motif #1 - Day 5K Run - May 19th
ADA Tour De Cure Bike Ride - May 20th
C.A.T.S. Dogtown 5mile Off Road Run - May 20th
YUKANRUN - Twin Lobster - June 3rd
YMCA Father's Day 5K & 10K - June TBD
YMCA St Peter's 5K - June TBD
Gloucester Horribles Parade - July 3rd
YUKANRUN - Parker River - July 8th
Reids Bike Ride - July 15th
Blackburn Challenge Rowing Race - July 21st
Cycle 4 Shelter Bike Ride - July 22nd
YUKANRUN - Tripple Threat - August 5th
YMCA Cape Ann Run - August 26th
Lone Gull 10K Run - September TBD
YUKANRUN - Half-By-The-Sea - September 23rd
Head of the Charles Regatta - October 19th Weekend
Boston Wounded Veterans 5K & 10K - October TBD
YUKANRUN - Ocean View - Half Marathon - November 4th
Gloucester Santa Claus Parade - November 25th
YUKANRUN - Merrython - Half Marathon - December 2nd

5.  Please provide us with a bit more information about your:
Equipment List:
Requests you may have:
Other Comments:
Please note we are not always able to honor every request,
but we would still like to hear from you!

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Thank you for signing up for Public Service.  The agencies we provide communications for sincerely appreciate everybody's efforts.

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