Weekly Club NET, Sundays at 20:00 8:00 pm
on the 145.470MHz PL of 136.5 Danvers Repeater

Next Zoom Meeting - April  19th, 2021

Speaker: Steve, W3EVE
Public Service Related Program



Public Service 2021 - Is starting to Return!!
 Updated: COMING SOON!


NSRA HAT Pin  $5.00

Contact: KB1LPW or KA1NCF at nsradio.org to get one of your own.


NOTE: During Skywarn/ARES Net Operations all general traffic will be advised and requested to go to one of the other NSRA Repeaters!   We are trying to keep this wide coverage repeater for Skywarn/ARES Traffic.  Also please leave a pause between calls to allow others with priority traffic to get in.  As always, listen before transmitting to make sure nobody else is using the repeater. No quick keying!
Please contact Jim, KB1KQW North Shore ARES District Emergency Coordinator, or Eric, KA1NCF if needed.

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NSRA Repeater Etiquette
 Posted: 3/01/2011!!

Old Items of Interest

ARES Basic Workshop Presentation -- Slide Show from 11/22/08