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Summer is Over
Now is the time to get down to business

NSRA General Meeting on September 18th, 2017
NOTE: Third week this Month
Doors open at 7pm, meeting starts at 7:30pm
Link to Meeting Location

Media Historian, Professor, & Former broadcaster
Dr. Donna Halper

Speaking on:
How the Amateurs Created Commercial Radio...
and what happened after that

Today, people can listen to radio in a number of ways-- online, in the car, at home, even on their smartphone. But there was a time in the early 1920s when radio was new, and there was only one way to listen-- in your "radio room." In those early years, one group of people helped to keep your favorite stations on the air-- ham radio operators. Join media historian, professor, and former broadcaster Donna Halper  on September 18th, as she brings along her rare radio memorabilia and takes you back in time.  She will introduce you to some pioneering hams who kept a foot in both amateur and commercial radio (without them, there would have been no stations like WBZ or WEEI or the first station in Massachusetts-- 1XE/WGI). Dr. Halper will also share some interesting facts about the history of Boston radio, including why radio today isn't as good as what many of us remember from when we were growing up. And she will tell you about some performers and announcers who came from the North Shore.

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